The Bangles Earrings

$ 369.00 $ 225.00

Sterling silver earrings decorated with engraved designs, 22k yellow gold and gemstones.
[S-271] [S271] Designer: Vasilios Kapsaskis, Dimitrios Exclusive


Exclusive has created a pair of earrings inspired by traditional Hellenic-Byzantine art. This handcrafted sterling silver jewellery is engraved and the original design includes 22k yellow gold and gemstones (Tourmaline, Peridot and Blue Topaz). [S-271] [S271]

925 Sterling Silver
22k Gold double plating with varnish protection

This is an authentic handmade piece assembled in the workshop in Greece. Being handmade, there may be slight variations in sizes and colours making each piece unique, valuable and a piece of art.

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G06 – Peridot, G07 – Blue Topaz, G08 – Tourmaline, G13 – Pearls

Jewellery Metals

SG – 925 Sterling Silver & 22k Yellow Gold Plating, SO – 925 Sterling Silver Only, SP – 925 Sterling Silver * 18k Rose Gold Plating, SR – 925 Sterling Silver & Rhodium Plating


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